'The Archmage's Sleeping Spell' - Original Music -Splinterlands Inspired Throwback Tune - Electronic/Jazz-ish/Instrumental + Walkthrough

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I don't have anything new to share

as I've been a bit busy IRL, so I've had to resort to throwback tunes two days in a row, something I really try and avoid, so apologies for that. I have been cataloging a bunch of random/unlabeled songs in iTunes over the last few days when I have time, so it's required me to go back through the masses of random songs/ideas I've shared online over the years to find titles and years and such. I have been trying to put together a bit of a list of older tracks that I really like, and want to revisit; I'll need to move the Ableton sessions back onto my new laptop, as I had to get them onto a backup HD when my old laptop ran out of space. Fortunately, I've now got 2 TB to play around with, so plenty of room for everything I've ever saved, lol.

Listen to The Archmage's Sleeping Spell here.

This song is from last year,

and is one of my favorite Splinterlands inspired tunes. It originally was going to have an orchestral/adventure game sort of vibe, but as I wrote it, using the LABS soft piano instrument, I wound up really liking that sound, so I went with it. The 'Sleeping Spell' portion of the title comes from the B section (I guess a verse?) here, which has the ascending, strange arpeggios, which sounded sort of 'dreamlike' to me. The song is also in 10/8, though the rhythm is pretty straight, so it feels like 8 plus 2 extra beats, which adds to the off-kilter, dreamy sort of thing. I think overall, the song sounds good, but I'd love to revisit it and try and mix things a bit better, pan out some of the background stuff so its a bit more distinct without being louder, and just generally EQ things better, so if that happens, I'll definitely update in a new post.

Hope you like today's throwback! Thanks for listening!

Check out my new E.P. numerical here.

Click here to listen to all of my Steem Monsters inspired songs!

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