'Splintertest' - New Original Music - Beginnings of Another Song Inspired by Splinterlands, Second Attempt Using Logic! Orchestral/Instrumental + Walkthrough!

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So this is another song idea,

far from ANYWHERE near finished, inspired by Splinterlands, using Logic. It definitely needs more layering, but I wanted to get the basic skeleton of a tune laid out first, and then build from there. The basic chords are handled by an acoustic guitar, though I think they may be a harp in a later version. There is also a harp here, providing a little melody line, but I spent the most amount of time on the cello/string track. I wanted to incorporate a lot of different articulations, to make it sound more realistic, and considering my lack of experience using Logic, I think it's a good start!

Listen to Splintertest here.

Track 1 is the acoustic guitar,

which handles the basic chords. We have 2 sections, in Green and Purple, with the Green being based around Cmajor, Fminor, Ebmajor, and Dbmajor. The Purple section begins on an Ab, to Bb, to Cmajor, ending on a G which takes us back to the Green section. The Cello part features 5 or 6 different articulations, including some half-step trills, slides into notes, some fortepiano swells, and pizzicato bits. Track 2 is a choir, which doesn't sound super realistic, but I think is a good place to start, before effecting it/mixing it to make it sound better. Track 3 is a tuba, which is only used over the green parts, and actually doesn't work great; it has a late attack, so I need to move the notes a bit before each beat so they actually sound on time. Track 5 is the cello/strings, and lastly, Track 6, the harp.

Screen Shot 20200124 at 8.35.45 PM.png

Track 1, Acoustic Guitar chords.
Listen to Splintertest here.

Screen Shot 20200124 at 8.35.28 PM.png

Track 5, Cello/Strings.

Although things end very abruptly, and definitely are a bit rough, I think this was a good start! Stay tuned and we'll see where things go, as I learn more about Logic!

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Cool :)

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