'Rolee' - New Original Music - More ROLI Overuse - Electronic/Instrumental + Walkthrough

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Screen Shot 2021-08-31 at 10.12.50 PM.png

I just can't stop myself, every time I sit down

Track 1, Bass
to just make up something random, I wind up using a ton of ROLI sounds, despite my best effort. I know, I should be making my own synths and sounds as its so fun and much more originally, but I can't resist the ROLI sounds, they're just so cool! This was one of those ideas where I just kept layering things, sticking to a basic progression, outlined initially by the bass in Track 1. The whole progression is two parts, A and B. The A part consists of Dmin, C6, Amin (1x or 2x), and the B part Bb, Bmin, Dmin, or Bb, Bmin, and Amin. I just sort of chopped that up, playing AABAB (second B is the alternate ending on Amin). Track 2 is another bass synth, which sticks mostly to roots as well. Track 3 plays the dyad line pictured below, filling things in quite a bit more. Tracks and 5 both use some newer sounds from packs I got last week, providing just more notes filling out the chords, with some extra LFO movement and twinkliness in Track 5. Track 6 adds a weird, warbly, distorted synth line, and finally we have Track 7, which adds single note accents at the start of sections. Overall, I don't dislike this idea; maybe I'll revisit it in a couple of days, give it a few listens, and see if I can't find someplace cooler to take it!

Screen Shot 2021-08-31 at 10.13.14 PM.png

Track 3, Dyads

Listen to Rolee here...

Screen Shot 2021-08-31 at 10.13.35 PM.png

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