'Multimodulator 2' - New Original Music/Full Song Based on Yesterday's Chord Idea! Jazz/Piano/Instrumental + Walkthrough!

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So I took the idea from yesterday

and slowed it down, and expanded it into what is more of a real tune! Initially I wasn't sure what do add after the modulations between A and F# minor, but it came together really easily after, everything sort of just fell into place, haha. There are some really cool moves here, and I definitely will be redoing the drums and bass, as they are SUPER simple (and the volumes are all screwy lol), and I feel like this piano part deserves a cooler beat behind it.

Listen to Multimodulator 2 here.

Track 1 is our piano,

with Track 2 adding some Choral vocals, Track 3 the drums (WAY too quiet apparently, though they sounded fine on my laptop, it wasn't until listening on other sound systems I discovered this lol), and Track 4 is the electric bass which mostly sticks to root notes, though it does have some extra stuff happening that I think would be great played by a real human musician. The main little progression that moves from A to F# min now has an extra 2 bar tag on the end, which then moves us into the new parts, essentially all of which have a 3 chord descending line, resolving to D (major and minor). We stick to being in D minor after this, using a Vi - Vii - i (and I) each time through, except the last time, where we end on an E7b9, taking us back into Aminor.

Screenshot 2019-06-04 20.51.27.pngTrack 1, bars 13-25.

I am definitely going to be working on this more, particularly the drums and the bass, so stay tuned and let's see what this chordal idea can become!

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