'Legend of the Hidden Oatsman' - Original Music/Throwback to Some Solo-Metal Tunes I Wrote! Metal/Rock/Instrumental + Walkthrough!

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6 or 7 years ago

I started an instrumental metal/proggy/math-rock sort of band with my friend's Mike (bass), Ben (guitar), and Bill (drums). We had a single show (pictured above), where we performed 5 of the 6 finalized songs that we had. However, in that time period, I was writing tons of new riffs and stuff that I was hoping would be incorporated into the band, but since we broke up after that show as Ben moved away, that didn't happen.

Listen to Legend of the Hidden Oatsman here.

I recorded this using

Doggiebox (Mac App for drums) and Garageband with my amp DI'ed into my laptop. This was going to be our newest song, and I had actually begun teaching it to Ben and Bill, but alas that never materialized. Luckily, I have this demo version to have a record of the actual tune. The intro is cool, I love the bendy guitar riff that we begin with and how the rhythm adds/subtracts beats at certain points. When we get to the main riff, we have a riff in 10/8, then the little hammer-on/lead line in 9/8, which alternate back and forth. The break of this song is kinda random, and was just made on the spot (completely improved the rhythm guitar, added a lead later), so that would've definitely been changed if this was performed.

I hope you enjoy the throwback tuneage! Thanks for listening!

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