'Infraparabola 2' - Original Music/Revisiting a Tune From a Few Months Ago! Electronic/Synthpop/Instrumental + Walkthrough!

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I figured we’d do another

throwback today, as i don’t have anything particularly interesting to share, just been messing around the last few nights, and don’t think the results are share-worthy. Today’s throwback isn’t from a few years ago though; I decided to go back 2.5 months, as I listened to this song in the car today and forgot how much I like it. I think I’ll revisit this tonight or tomorrow and see if I can make some tweaks to really make it sound amazing, we’ll see what happens.

Listen to Infraparabola 2 here.

Unlike the throwbacks from

years ago, I still have access to the .ALS files, so I can get actual screenshots, lol. Tracks 1 and 2 provide the basis of our main chords, with 1 the root notes, and Track 3 mostly 3rds. The progression begins on our tonic of Bminor, then down to Gmajor, Eminor and F#minor. The next move gets nice and dark, borrowing a G#minor from our parallel major key of Bmajor, then returning to our Gmajor, before repeating. That half step move between the G#, and G, before resolving to B is super cool. Simple, but effective.

Screenshot 20191018 20.37.34.png

Track 1, Root Notes.
Listen to Infraparabola 2 here.

Screenshot 20191018 20.37.42.png

Track 3, Harmonized Synth.

The next two tracks are both

the drums, with our bass in Track 7. Tracks 5 and 6 are not super obvious, just providing some background synthy ambience at the beginning of each repeated section. Track 7 is the bass, which is super round and thumpy, with Track 8 doubling that line, with a less bassy, more distorted sound, which both turned out to work great in combination with each other. Finally, we have some transitional sounds/audio clips grouped together, and Track 10, which provides that robo-voice/vocoder sort of rhythmic synth.

Hope you dig it! Thanks for listening!

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