Grapthar's Song of the Day: Bauhaus 'Terror Couple Kill Colonel'

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Bauhaus - Terror Couple Kill Colonel

Bauhaus were a legendary

band who influenced a lot of the post-punk/goth bands that emerged in the '80s. They were formed in 1978 by Peter Murphy (vocals), Daniel Ash (guitar), Kevin Haskins (drums) and David J. (bass). They were slower than a lot of the well-known punk acts from England, opting for a darker aesthetic and more introspective and depressive lyrics, along with some electronic instrumentation which was something that the earlier punk bands tended to avoid.

Listen to Terror Couple Kill Colonel by Bauhaus here.

This song was released

as a stand-alone single in 1980, the same year their debut full length In the Flat Field came out. I first was turned on to Bauhaus through this song, after downloading it MANY years ago on Napster, and became an instant fan. The recording quality isn't nearly as good as some more mainstream artists at the time, but I think that adds to the general DIY charm that a lot of the post-punk bands had. Murphy's lyrics and vocal style also makes the tune stand out from earlier punk, opting for a more melodic and droney sort of feeling.

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