'Crush' - Original Music/A More Recent Throwback Tune, From a Few Months Ago! Electronic/Instrumental + Walkthrough!

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I figured since I've been

sharing throwbacks from multiple years ago (some decades ago), it would be cool to go back to something a little more recent. Around the time this was written, I was doing a lot of super short songs, 30 to 60 seconds generally (this is 56, lol), with some weird instruments, going for more strangeness instead of anything "pretty" or harmonically normal, haha. This definitely fits that description, and upon listening to it today for the first time since I wrote it, I really dig quite a bit of it, and think maybe the progression could be expanded into a larger song.

Listen to Crush here.

The main progression isn't

particularly dissonant, generally sticking to diatonic chords, but the chords hang over barlines at certain points, so things don't resolve where they naturally feel like they should. I also really like the timbre of the synths here, they have an interesting tone when combined, though I think the drums could use some reworking (sound wise). The actual beat I really like, and with a little tweaking I think this could become a lot more interesting.

I hope you dig today's throwback! Thanks for listening!

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