'Apocalyptaloid' - Original Music/The Last Throwback Tune for Awhile! Electronic/Instrumental + Walkthrough!

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Today will be the last

day of throwback tunes, as I feel like I've done quite a few over the last few weeks. I like doing them, as it gives me a chance to go back and rediscover songs I had completely forgotten about, but I also need to get back to writing a few songs/ideas everyday, as it's great practice and keeps me active/gives me something to do in my down time. I think I'll share some new stuff for a couple of weeks, then maybe do some SERIOUS throwbacks, and go back 10+ years to some of my really old stuff, maybe even further back to my high school music, lol.

Listen to Apocalyptaloid here.

This song has some really

cool stuff going on, though listening now with 'fresh ears', it feels a little empty, like maybe this should have been the basic percussion track, with a whole tune built on top of it. I do remember at the time that I wanted this to be almost entirely percussion based, which I guess worked out, with very minimal bleeps and bloops from synths. Maybe I'll find the old file and try and write something new on top, see what happens. This version had very little/no mastering/final mixing done to it either, so that alone would really make it feel a lot fuller and more interesting.

Hope you dig the final throwback ("It's the final throwback... duh duh duhn duhn... duh duhn duh duh duhn...")! Thanks for listening!

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