'Angry Angles' - New Original Music/Song Idea Using N.I.'s Kontakt Player! Electronic/Instrumental + Walkthrough!

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Screenshot 2019-07-09 20.19.44.png

Here's a random creation

from last night, using the "band" instruments from Native Instrument's Kontakt VSTs. We are in 5/4 here, and each "section" is made up of 3 bars, played 2x through. The rhythm is really interesting, because it doesn't feel like 5, but it definitely doesn't like 4, which turned out to be a cool effect. Let's get into it!

Listen to Angry Angles here.

Track 1 is the electric piano

which plays our basic progression, using spread intervals (pictured below, full 3 bars in 5/4). Track 2 is the bass (a stand up bass), pictured in the 2nd screenshot below, which I think added another layer of cool weirdness here. Track 3 is our drums, which pick up towards the end with the addition of the toms. Track 4 is the organ, which uses the same intervals as Track 1, but with an upbeat/ska sorta vibe. Track 5 was a guitar line that harmonized with our chords, but for some reason it dropped down in volume when I mixed this track, and I didn't realize till right now that it was inaudible.

Screenshot 2019-07-09 20.20.01.pngTrack 1, spread interval progression.
Listen to Angry Angles here.
Screenshot 2019-07-09 20.20.13.pngTrack 2, bass.

Finally we have Track 6,

which plays a little syncopated synth part. Again, this wound up being way quieter than I initially had it, not sure what happened with that. Luckily the rest of the tracks sound fine, although I think I need to drop the piano in volume/EQ out some low-end, so the kick drums can cut through a bit more.

I hope you enjoy today's weird little tune! Thanks for listening!

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