Grapthar's Song of the Day: Brad Mehldau 'Striving After Wind'

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Brad Mehldau - Striving After Wind

Brad Mehldau is a pianist and composer,

from Jacksonville, FL. He studied music in college at the New School, and has written and performed a number of solo albums, in addition to working with a few trios. He has played with some incredible names in the jazz world, including guitar legend Pat Metheny. Mehldau’s style is very unique, as he takes ideas from pop, rock, classical, and hiphop and blends them with modern jazz, creating something that is entirely his own.

Listen to Striving After Wind by Brad Mehldau here.

This song is from his newest

release from May of this year, Finding Gabriel. This album is definitely my favorite of his, and takes his ability to combine multiple genres to new heights. He uses some really interesting electronic and hip hop ideas, which are most clearly on display in this track. Despite using ‘pop’ sounds, he avoids pop structures, and still writes incredibly complex harmonies and rhythmic ideas. While he is clearly a virtuosic player, his playing always serves the song, and never feels like he is trying to show off.

Wikipedia - Brad Mehldau

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