Grapthar's Song of the Day: Neil Young & Crazy Horse - 'Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black)'

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Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black)

For some reason, Neil Young is an artist

Neil Young performing live (Image Source)
that I sort of missed out on for a long, long time. When I was younger, I knew the name, as he's such an icon of rock and roll, but for some reason, I always imagined as a glam-rocker of some sort, which definitely wasn't cool to a teenage me. Fortunately, a friend of mine put some of his music on in the car one day, and I loved it, and realized I had totally misjudged Young, remaining a fan ever since. Young began playing music in the '60s in Winnipeg, Canada, before moving to LA and forming the group Buffalo Springfield, where he garnered quite a bit of fame, along with other artists who would later have massive solo careers, like Stephen Stills. When the band broke up in the late '60s, Young embarked on a solo career, and throughout the next decade, had A LOT of massive hits, and toured the globe, sometimes as a solo act, and sometimes with his backing band Crazy Horse. Today's song is the closing track on Young and Crazy Horses 1979 live album Rust Never Sleeps. I was blown away when I first heard this, as its SO heavy, and the lyrics are great. It's actually a 'Part 2', with the first track, titled 'My My, Hey Hey (Into the Blue)' opening the album. That first track is a solo acoustic guitar and Young singing a more positive spin on the same lyrics used here; the heavy, dark closing version is much darker, focusing on the idea of burning out young, rather than fading into old age and obscurity.

Listen to Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black) by Neil Young here...


Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Rust Never Sleeps (1979, Reprise Records)

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