Grapthar's Song of the Day: Russian Circles - 'Geneva'

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Russian Circles - Geneva

Russian Circles were a group that really

Russian Circles performing live (Image Source)
got me back into metal, after having sort of ignored the modern stuff happening for a few years. My friend Mike gave me a ton of music from his half TB hard drive (which was HUGE at the time) that he would carry around with him for some reason, and one of the many awesome bands in that set was Russian Circles. They're an instrumental metal/post-rock band, formed in 2004 in Chicago, IL by Dave Turncrantz and Mike Sullivan, and originally bassist Colin DeKuiper, though in 2007 he was replaced by Brian Cook, rounding out the trio's line-up. While the band is clearly heavily influenced by metal, as can be heard through the massive, heavy guitars, and chuggy riffs, they also have post-rock elements, with a big, reverb laden guitar soundscapes, but also some SUPER rhythmic, groovy stuff, particularly in the bass and drum parts. This song is the title track on their 2009 album, and is a great example of all of that. The break, when just the plays, uses SUCH an awesome groove, the chuggy parts are SO heavy, and the more post-rocky stuff is really pretty, yet still dark and cohesive with the rest of the track. If you enjoy this, their entire discography is well worth checking out.

Listen to Geneva by Russian Circles here...


Russian Circles, Geneva (2009, Sargent House Records)

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