Grapthar's Song of the Day: 45 Grave 'Evil'

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45 Grave - Evil

45 Grave are one of

the original "horror-punk" bands, formed in 1979 in Los Angeles, CA by guitarist Paul Cutler, singer Dinah Cancer, bassist Rob Graves, and drummer Don Bolles, though they've had A LOT of different members over the years. They were similar to the Misfits with the horror aesthetic, taking inspiration from '40s and '50s horror films and pulp comics/books in look and lyrics, though their sound was more influenced by '60s surf rock than the Misfits, which makes them stand apart. (Wikipedia - 45 Grave)

Listen to Evil by 45 Grave here.

This song is from the

band's debut album, Sleep in Safety, released in 1983. It was one of only two full length albums that the group came out with in their original incarnation, and has some of their best songs. I first discovered this tune as a cover by hardcore band The Nerve Agents, and was blown away after hearing the original. The bass is the "base" of the tune, providing a super heavy riff that sort of takes the place of a rhythm guitar, allowing the actual guitar to provide more melodic lead lines. Cancer's vocals and lyrics are awesome too, and definitely add to the creepy vibe, along with the sort of novelty "monster" voices in the background.

Enjoy today's song! Thanks for checking out my blog, and Steem On!

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good stuff i'm addicted to the Misfits and The Cramps I just saw Return of the Living Dead at the theater the other day, first place i think i ever heard 45 grave.

nice! yea these guys definitely fit into that horror scene, they've got some really incredible tunes on their first album, highly recommend it if you're a fan of those two bands.