Grapthar's Song of the Day: Fever Ray - 'Wanna Sip'

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Fevery Ray - Wanna Sip

Fever Ray is definitely one of my favorite

Fever Ray performing live (Image Source)
contemporary artists, and someone who has released some of the most interesting, genre-bending music in the last decade (at least in my opinion). I had previously heard the band name The Knife, and knew they were an electronic band, but I had never really checked them out. My friend Anthony sat me down one night, and explained to me that Karin Dreijer of that band had embarked on a solo career under the moniker Fever Ray, and proceeded to show me a live show that was mind-blowing, and I've remained a fan ever since. In 2009, Dreijer released the first Fever Ray album, a self-titled release, which is absolutely awesome, but my introduction was through their sophomore album, Plunge, which didn't come out until 8 years later in 2017. It's an amazing album, a combination of electronic, hip-hop, and pop elements, ranging from super beautiful, to catchy, to incredible dark or dissonant. This song is the opening track, and is a great place to start; it's got such a great groove, and weird synth elements, and Dreijer's signature vocal style, which is the perfect addition to the rest of the musical circus going on around it.

Listen to Wanna Sip by Fever Ray here...

Screen Shot 2021-08-18 at 10.26.19 PM.png

Fever Ray, Plunge (2017, Rabid Records)

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