But let's go even further.. Are any of yall @hrhabibor @csharma @gormogon Are any of you all do any front-end development ? I am curious because I just realized this is the best way to usse steem.. So I have an experiment, lets say that WE contacted this band @foofighters and asked them to do a promotional event , non-profit of coarse, and do an exclusive live
one-time event ticket that would enable us to all go the the #event . Everything else will be created within this chat group for the event. I will post all the documentation [here on the discord server over time because it wont be easy. I will set the #date to July 4th 2022 at 12:00pm starting time with the entire event last 12 hours long. The location will be at #LegacyHall @foodhallco . All other details including #event ticketing will be in our discord channel which I will soon set up autoposting to this page. A special #namaste @ steemit @modalbooking @modal @envusions @christoryan

Discord Channel for this project -- Community channel only

There goes my hero 🖤🖤 🤘 o

Thank you so much

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