The Chainsmokers live: Awesome

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Anyone who knows me is aware of the fact that I am not really keen on DJ's. As someone who can play 3 instruments and has been a singer in two different bands, I don't really feel that having a good playlist in Winamp is necessarily talent. That being said, I found myself with a free ticket to the Chainsmokers concert in Bangkok about 6 months ago and I really like the person who had the other free one, so I decided to go.

I had never heard of the Chainsmokers prior to this, we won the tickets because we were drinking at a pub in Singapore and with the purchase of a draft beer, you also got a raffle ticket and well, we won. It was pretty amazing to win something much to the chagrin of all the Singaporeans in attendance that a non-Singaporean won the top prize.


People who follow this kind of music are aware of the fact that these guys have been popular since 2014, but seeing as how I heart metal I wasn't aware they even existed despite the fact that they have actually won a Grammy.

I went to the show expecting to drink some Heineken and stand near the back to get out of the way of the real fans. My opinion of the show changed a lot as the night went on. These guys put on a hell of a show and one of the 2 DJ's in the group sings in quite a few of the songs. Perhaps this is why they are more popular than other acts. There was 22,000 people in the Impact Arena that night and according to the artists, it was the largest crowd they have ever headlined in front of - so that was pretty cool.

Despite being a metal fan that regards DJ'ing as a talent-less act (and for the most part, I still view it as such,) I had an excellent time and even danced a bunch. If I had a chance to go see them again, I would do so and so should you.

In the meantime, whenever i see a bar that has "live DJ tonight" on the sign out front, i will likely still avoid such places. However, the point of writing this is to say 1: It was a great show and I am very happy I went and 2: Maybe we shouldn't be so set in stone about our opinions - because we might be missing something great because of them.

Here is their most popular song that also won them a Grammy.

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It seems like no matter how many times I hear 'Closer' or any Chainsmokers song, it feels new and fresh. Their music doesn't get boring and stale as fast as other artists.

However, the point of writing this is to say 1: It was a great show and I am very happy I went and 2: Maybe we shouldn't be so set in stone about our opinions - because we might be missing something great because of them.

Powerful lessons to be drawn from this. I have also been in a situation where i wrote a show off, was forced to attend and ended up having the best time of my life and just like you, still wouldnt be poised to attend the next. Well it happens that way because of the individual trails we possess. If you dont like something, you dont like it. Sometimes, no matter how good it might make you feel, you still wouldnt like it.

But from your lesson, even if its not our thing, still do not write it off coz the best might just be there waiting for you.

Guess I'll have to show you how to DJ correctly then. I don't call what I do DJing, I perform synthesis.

Chain Smokers, one of my all time favorite groups, i really love their compositions, how i wish i could have been there with you. "Don't let me down", i think every single being on the planet has heard this song thus how come is so popular i guess😄

Seems you had a nice time, most of the amazing experiences we have come from unexpected sources. I am not a fan of this kinda of music, infact no one from my country makes it. Hip hop and RnB owns the day here. Thanks for the gist

Guess you could say they were Smokin! I wonder if they picked that venue or it was set up by agency. Guessing the later. Interested to see where they are in 2-3 years though.

Buena publicacion.. La reestemea.. Saludos.



This song wasn't even 3 mil some months ago and how the hell it elevated so fast. BTW it's one of favorites and I am really happy.

Its Really Awesome Song (1,038,187,487 views) Great Share.

I've never heard about them too, this is my first time reading about them, but for them to have won Grammy says a lot about them.

Usually, we mixed a lot of things if our hearts are rigid to accept new things, a little trier like you did at time could be enough reason to change our perception of things...

Before I believe steemit to be true too, it took me some extra two months because it was too real to be truth to me. But a trier as convinced me... Lol

Congratulations! You must have had a nice time! Chainsmokers produce really good music. I like to listen to them when I want to chill out on my couch.

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excellent music boss. Dj Dj Dj ..............

I personally really like the Dj, the music that makes upset and hard to be calm.
DJ is a magical music for me.
Thanks @gooddream

2016 had the best songs and was the best year for me so far. What do you think? Wishin' I can go back to these times.

I can't believe how much you lucked out. Completely unfair, but I'm glad you fell in love with EDM.