Suede and the album "THE BLUE HOUR"

in music •  6 months ago  (edited)

This is one of my favorite groups from my childhood. Suede started their second life without being wanted by anyone but their hard-core fans. It's hard to imagine how many have been forgotten in the past decade and now considered legends, staying in the biggest festivals' programs, teenagers can see their concerts, and the media rely on them for in-depth interviews with philosophical themes. As creative power, success and duration, their collection has almost no equivalent. Since they gathered in 2010, Suede has recorded three albums, ranging from the best of them, each more introspective than the previous one. In these times of increasing information fragmentation

The last album is a full-length conceptual album - in most of the songs the lyrics transmit the viewpoint of a child or an anxious parent and for the most ambitious moments the Prague Philharmonic helps. Thematically, the album has been co-starred with the vocalist book, which came out early this year - a short but precise portrait of British society in the decades after World War II, the class division, the alternative life of London in the 1980s and early 1990s. If you want more music in the spirit of this album, besides the post-reunion albums of Suede, you can check out Brett Anderson solo album.

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