One russian indie pop band that I found today - OQJAV

in music •  26 days ago  (edited)

I haven't learned enough yet, but there is something unique and interesting about them. I would be curious if any of you offer some dark music that you believe is underrated and not promoted worldwide.

Let's start with one of their pop songs, which is combined with dark elements and club sound. There is some Portishead influence at the end. I dont like the techno beat it the last seconds but nevertheless, the song is touching

They have many videos. "Романс" This is one of the cinematic ones. A religious feeling combined with a dramatic sound and vocally saddnes.

Well, from what I've heard, 10 songs, I can say that their strength lies in deep emotions, when they tell a light and exciting melody, it becomes difficult to distinguish them from something one-day and many in their manifestations. "Цирк" is something like that. Typical Russian modern sound. But by perceiving it with the video, it delivers something more with the art visualization.

This is also the last song I will recommend. She is also the reason for writing this short review. The piano combined with the melancholy that synthesizers give touch my soul. :)

So it will be really interesting to me if you suggest any foreign language group, with dark sound. Cheers!

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