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I am showcasing songs that speaks of the heart for this week. A lot of things aches our heart like heartbreak, the crisis of the world and so many other things. I particularly admire these two ladies that I will be sharing their songs today; Alicia Keys and Beyonce. They are bold, powerful, beautiful and fearless. I love how they address the matters of the heart and the things plaguing human lives.

The first one for this week is titled We Are Here by Alicia Keys. You can watch the video below:

To say I am in love with this video would still be an understatement. I love everything and I mean everything about this song because it speaks of the problems we have in the society. Most times we think it's not our problem because it's not happening to us but the moment we start seeing these types of problems as a collective problem then we can experience true freedom and peace and be there for one another.

This song goes beyond race and colour and I love it because it focuses on the human side of everyone rather than focusing on location or race. It's human problem not Nigeria problem, not Haiti problem, not Ukraine problem, not Russia problem. An injury to one is supposed to be an injury to all. When one body part is injured the whole body feels it and it should be the same for us as human beings too. We can't keep silent to what's happening in the world. Those experiencing these things are humans. They deserve freedom and peace and we should seek to it that they have it.

In my local dialect we used to say that when we throw a stone into the market we never know who might be hit with it. It might be a family member or a close person to us. If we keep silent over what's happening in a particular region, who knows maybe someone close to us might find themselves there one day and it would hit us hard too. This is life and this is how we should live; to be there for one another regardless of location, race, skin colour or ethnicity.

This song is a song of peace that addresses the problems we are facing in the world today and tells us the kind of mindset we should have for it. We are here for all of us. We are brothers and sisters. We are not necessarily bounded by blood but we should be in love.

Another song I have in mind for today Halo by Beyonce. You can watch the video below:

I love this song too because it's what most people face in the world today. We all want love, we all want attention, we all desire to be noticed and when we are hurt in the process of sticking our hearts out, we retreat into our cage and then build a wall to keep others out. It's our way of protecting ourselves from a potential hurt. Most people have been there and this song is about a lady that got herself hurt in the process of loving another person after letting her guard down. She puts up a wall and finally found another person who helped her to let her guards down. Love is the cure for heartbreak. We can't get tired of love and we need more of love.

The last song is also from Beyonce and it's titled Irreplaceable. You can watch the video below:

Today is about emotions 🤣 and different kinds of emotions too which is what I want to show to everyone today. Most people have been there where they have their heart broken and they rub it on our faces that they can never be replaced. They feel all high and mighty as if our lives should be kept on hold because we decided to let them go. Beyonce showed us here about a cheating boyfriend that she decided to finally let go but the man keeps saying he is irreplaceable. She made it known that he has been replaced already and he is not as important as he feels he is.

We have to take a strong stance and salvage what's left of our ego which was what Beyonce showed us in this song. It's about letting go. In a relationship, we need to know when to let go and when to keep pushing. Most people think they are giving up when they let go. Letting go is by choice and we shouldn't feel down about it while giving up means we are throwing the towel. Sometimes we have to understand when to let go especially when they think we can't move on without them. That's life and we have to embrace it. I hope you enjoyed my selections. Thank you.


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