Three Tune Tuesday Recommendations - Week 60.

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Thank you ablaze for another wonderful week and a great opportunity to share the music that means a lot to us. Another week to recommend amazing songs and it's week 60. I am excited to be a part of this wonderful initiative.

I am going to the "Old School" this week and it's all about Kenny Rogers.

The first one for this week is titled Lady by Kenny Rogers. You can watch the video below:

This oldie with a soft touch would get your heart melting in love as you just want to remember not just your first time but the love you felt so deep. He called her lady and he started pouring out his heart of love to her. Calling a woman a lady is quite interesting and nice because it's not a function of age but a matter of how she carries herself. I like this song and I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I do every time I listen to it.

Forget the fact that it's an oldie, I want you to take note of the words Kenny used to describe the 'lady'. He said it so passionately that you can feel his deep love for this woman and if you are not careful you might also fall in love with her. The song was written by Lionel Richie for Kenny Rogers. Lionel Richie released his version of the song in 1998 before the two amazing acts did a collaboration in 2012 for the same song.

Sadly, we don't have Kenny Rogers with us anymore after he died in 2020. He might have been gone but his voice and talent can't be forgotten easily.

The second one for this week is titled You Can't Make Old Friends by Kenny Rogers feat. Dolly Parton. You can watch the video below:

The friendship Kenny has with Dolly Parton was the inspiration behind this since they met in 1983 or thereabout. I love this song because it places emphasis on friendship and that's what I am big on. I love old friends. I don't appreciate those who dump old friends to embrace the new when you can build on both without a hitch. You can be friends with anyone but the beauty of friendship is in the memories we have created along the way which cannot be replaced or bought.

This song is dedicated to all true friendships that have weathered the storms and still stand strong. Even if one party is gone, the memory cannot be erased. I have to say this is the best of his song for me because of how much it means to me in terms of appreciating friends - those who have been there for us and created memories along the way by making life worth living.

The last song for today is still by Kenny Rogers and it's titled You Decorated My Life. You can watch the video below:

Another lovely song about the woman in his life at the time. I admire the way he used words to describe how the lady made him feel. It's a song about analogy and imagination which Kenny worked into his words. It's not surprising that most people love this song. I know I do.

I decided it's time we bring back the old times and Kenny Rogers is my pick for this week. I look forward to interesting entries from everyone for this week. I hope you enjoyed Kenny Rogers and do you have a favourite?


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