Psychedelic Crown Jewels - Vol. 1 60'S GARAGE PSYCHEDELIC Collection

in #music3 months ago

Here's yet another collection of songs grouped together digitally into a video on the great XXxxZeinxxXX YouTube channel. This one features psychedelic sounds from the first psychedelic era of the mid to late 1960s. I'll comment on some of the songs.

Cykle - Walkout (Of My Mind)
The collection starts with this song sounding a bit like The Seeds. It is fast and fuzzy with organ in there too. The middle has a groovy break but end slows down way too much.

The Majic Ship - Sioux City Blues
This New York City band put out one very cool LP in the late 60s before they broke up. This is probably the most intense track and features loud fuzzy overdriven guitars. You know it's gonna slay from the opening notes. The second verse seems to contain the F word but could be "funky".

The Zakary Thaks - Can't You Hear Your Daddy's Footsteps
Corpus Cristi Texas Garage Rock Teens The Zakary Thaks get dark and heavy here. You can see the evolution of the band from early tunes like Bad Girl and Won't Come Back which are well known Garage Rock songs to this 1967 Hendrix inspired guitar tune.

The Maze - Whispering Shadows
From this San Fran band's one LP called Armageddon which I have. The whole thing is very trippy! Slow and psychedelic, with long guitar parts.

Cykle - It's Her
This second song from Cykle is also cool. Nice chord progression and sparing use of reverb vocals. I like the guitar breaks including the ending one which ends way too soon.

The entire collection is good so have a listen to the other tracks as well if you're in the mood.

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