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Here are the Original Sinners from New Haven Connecticut, with their 1966 local hit, You'll Never Know (What Love is All About)!

According to my research, The Original Sinners got together at Yale in the 60s and one member was George W Bush's Room Mate!

The song is clearly influenced by The Rolling Stones and The Monkees. It starts off with a copy of The Stones' song, Empty Heart. It's a pretty basic guitar and drums song, with nice call and return vocals.

Listen to me, you're only out for fun (out for fun).
You're just too young, to stay with only one (only one).
Why can't you see what you mean to me!
I just can't bare to have to share.
And you'll never know what love is all about!

Love is more than going out at night (out at night)
And when you've fallen, you'll find out I am right (I am right).
'Cause movin' around, it has its faults,
and you'll find out just what you've lost.
And you'll never know what love is all about!

(Groovy Guitar Break)

So go your way, do what you think you should (think you should)
'Cause I'll more than you ever could (ever could)
'Cause I'll have the thrill, the one you'll miss,
of Lovin' that's real, and not just a kiss!
And you'll never know what love is all about!

(outro with more tasty guitar and some harmonica)

This is some sweet Go Go Dance music! Check out the video attached to this song. It's mod and fun!

Original Sinners - You'll Never Know

Turn it up LOUD and sing along with the lyrics above. Or better yet, SING AND DANCE!!!

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