In The Cover Of Night - 60s Garage Punk Compilation

in #music3 months ago

This video is a compilation of some cool 1960s Garage Rock and Garage Punk music. Here are my favorites:

Tree Stumps - Jennie Lee
The comp starts with this stomper which features guitar and organ. Always good for dancing and jumping.

John English III & the Heathens - I Need You Near
I had heard Jennie Lee before but this one is new to me. Its all guitar with a little organ somewhere mostly buried.

Don & Jerry - In The Cover Of Night
The song that the comp is named for. I like the song but this version is too slick. The version by The Countdowns is better, in my opinion.

Remaining Few - Wait A While
This is a boss tune featuring guitar and organ which I have enjoyed for many years. There is guitar and organ break in the middle but basically this is a stomper from start to finish.

Nova Local - Games
One of my all time favorite Garage Rock songs! This band of college dudes from Chapel Hill NC made this awesome single in 66 or 67 and then followed it up with an excellent psychedelic album not long after. This is a mid to fast tempo tune with guitar and driving drum and bass backbeat. Nice vocals by Rand Winburn.

Bells Of Rhymny - She'll Be Back
Another track that I've liked for years. It features a fuzz lead guitar throughout. It's also in a short guitar break in the middle. Nice vocals and backing voices too.

Surrealistic Pillar - I Like Girls
The comp ends with this well known Garage Rock song which I have loved forever. It's guitar and organ with the singer telling us he likes girls, any kind of girl. When he sees a mini-skirt it drives him crazy! Alright now!

Actually most of the rest of the songs on here are pretty cool too. This is a really nice Garage Rock comp!

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