Gone Garagin' Vol. Z - 60's GARAGE Rock & Roll Compilation Album

in #music3 months ago

Here is a Mid 60s Garage Rock compilation of 14 songs by the R THiES YouTube channel. It is fairly mainstream Garage Rock, nothing too extreme. My favorite tracks are:

My World is Upside Down - The Shames
This is a slightly overdriven 4 chord guitar track at mid tempo with snotty vocals about a guy who is trying to forget his girl.

Funny Feeling - The Mike Jones Group
Very cool fuzz guitar and organ 4 chord number at mid to upper tempo that's good for dancing. He has a Funny Feeling, Oh Yeah! Dig the excellent guitar break in the middle.

Put Your Loving On Me - The Kinetics
Another guitar and organ 4 chord song with punk-ish vocals. He's trying to make moves on a girl and wants some lovin'! There is a guitar break which is pretty simple but it works.

Now Who's Good Enough - The Elite U.F.O.
This is also a guitar and organ 2 chord tune borrowing the Louie Go Home riff from The Raiders. The guitar break is cool and the singer has a strong voice and unique accent.

I hope you all liked this latest album of 60s music I have been sharing lately. Follow for more!

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