Garage Rock - Moody but still at a good tempo. Dance to it!

in #music5 years ago

Here are The Staccatos, singing "Girl" from 1966! They are from NYC and so am I. :)

The guy is heartbroken because his girl is telling lies and found somebody new. Now he is So Lonely!

It's a simple song with just lead, rhythm and bass guitar, along with drums. It starts with the bass line and then the other guitars and vocals join in. The vocal style is call and return.

Gi i irl, you're telling lies!
(you're telling lies)
Gi i irl, I just got wise!
(just got wise)

The guitar break in the middle is nice but nothing remarkable. The ending is cool. They steal from The Beatles with some Yeah Yeah Yeah lyrics!

It's only 2 minutes and 14 seconds but you can do some Go-Go moves to it! Dance, to "Girl" by The Staccatos from New York City!

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