Garage Rock Go Go Dance Song! Check out the WILD Dancers! :O

in #music5 years ago

Hey Kids!!! Let's get up and dance to a wild groovy Go Go tune from the 60s! It's called "Just Give Me Time: by The 'In' recorded in Nashville Tennessee!

The video that the blacflag channel added to the audio track features great Go Go Dancers probably from Hullabaloo or Shindig. This is how your grandma danced when she was a girl! And now you can do it too! Just get up and follow along!

Look at the hair and clothes styles. Really not all that different from today. Your grandparents were pretty cool when they were your age! :D

The song starts with a drum and bass, then the organ and fuzz guitar join the party! The lyrics are about a guy who wants a girl. But she is telling him that they are through. He wants time to prove her wrong!

We you know deep in your heart,
that I I I am the only one for you!
You you you yeah you yeah!!!!
Just give me time to prove you're wrong!

The 'In' - Just Give Me Time

Hit PLAY.... Now GET UP and Dance!!! :D

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