Garage Rock From The Netherlands! The Outsiders sing Sun's Going Down

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Here is the first single from the Dutch band, The Outsiders. It's from 1965 and has a surf rock sound, a little slow and gloomy, but with the surf twangy guitar style. According to wikipedia, here's the lineup:

Wally Tax (vocals), Ronnie Splinter (guitar), Appie Rammers (bass guitar), Tom Krabbendam (guitar), Leendert "Buzz" Busch (drums), and Frank Beek (bass guitar 1968-1969)

I like this 2 minute 38 second song because of the atmosphere, the guitar work, and the falsetto backing vocals. It starts with a string bending surf guitar riff, followed by the falsetto ooo's, and then the first verse.

Let's see the lyrics.

Sun's going down. Too soon the dark is found. I wish today would never end, 'cause tomorrow, tomorrow you'll be gone.

Sun's going down. Moon's rising the sky. I wish today would never end, 'cause tomorrow, tomorrow I will cry.

Nice long surf influenced guitar break.

Sun's going down. My love for you will last. I wish today would never end, 'cause tomorrow, I'll be dreaming of the past. And you, I'll be dreaming of you. 'Cause I love you! Yes I love you! Ya I love you.

Do The Swim to this one! It's not fast but you can dance to it. Enjoy The Outsiders singing Sun's Going Down!

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