Garage Rock From a 1965 Movie! Oh Those Eyes, by The Vagrants (Featuring Lesie West from Mountain)!

in #music5 years ago

Before Leslie West found international fame with his band Mountain, he played guitar for a Long Island New York band called The Vagrants! Just a teen and he was already in a Hollywood movie. This song is a video clip from the movie "Disk-o-Tek Holiday" where the band is playing an outdoor poolside dance party.

Check out the groovy dancers! They sure had fun dancing in the 60s!

Watch Leslie step off the riser and belt out his guitar solo in the break, That's a 12 string he is playing! It has a great full sound. This is an electric go go tune that you should dance to, right now!

Just for contrast, here is Mountain doing their hit <a href=""<Mississippi Queen! You probably remember this early Metal tune with cowbell. Same guitaris as The Vagrants - Leslie West!

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