Garage Rock, Fast and Fuzzy!

in #music5 years ago

This song is Wondering Why by Tremors from Springfield Ohio. It's fast and the guitars are fuzzy! Cool Garage Punk from the mid 60s!

It starts with a slow organ doing the song's 4 chords with 2 extra chords probably from the chorus. Then it gets fast!

There is a little guitar break between verses, but after a short scream there is a longer guitar break which is fairly long and awesome!

The bass, drums, organ and lead fuzz guitar really drive this song and you can dance to it if you can keep up with the speed! Vocals are okay and the harmonies are ok too. But its the frantic pace of this stomper that make it notable!

Tremors - wondering why

You told me that you love me
I look into your eyes
I saw the deceit there
You were telling me lies!

Now I'm Wondering why,
Why you're making me cry!

He thought she would never go away. How could he be so blind; why couldn't he see! Another of many Garage Rock songs about Bad Girls! Dance along to this fast fuzzy Garage Punk song!

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