Garage Rock Classic - How Much More, by Terry Knight and The Pack, related to Grand Funk Railroad!

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Here's a cool stomping guitar based Garage Rock song from 1966 performed by Terry Knight and The Pack from Flint, 70 miles up the road from Detroit, Michigan.

Terry Knight was a radio DJ in the early 60s who decided to put together a band in the mid 60s. He was the singer and 2 future members of Grand Gunk Railroad were on drums and guitar.

The song starts with a drum beat that is exactly the same as the start of Last Kiss by The Cavaliers and similarly later in Bela Lugosi's Dead by Bauhaus and doubtless may other songs. Then the organ and rhythm guitar join, followed by the fuzzy lead guitar and some harmonica flourishes.

Terry Knight sings, with a Mick Jagger stye and attitude which is understandable because he was a big fan of the Rolling Stones. The flow comes fast in this upbeat dance song!

I sit all alone, got no money in my pockets. Newsman on the radio talks of bombs and rockets. Jagger's on the TV screen singin' 'bout his cloud. Man lives in the house next door yelling very loud.


Hey you with the long hair! (yeah) Tell me where you're going.
Man I don't know, I can't tell, I got no way of knowin'!
You leave my daughter alone, you hear? Don't try to take her out!
Well what makes you think your daughter wants to hang around in My crowd!

How much more have I got to give!
Before I can live the kind of life that I wanna live, yeah.

Get up and move around to the stomping sounds of Terry Knight and The Pack singing How Much More!

As a foot note, Terry went on to manage Grand Funk Railroad for a few years in the early 70s when the band was getting started and they had massive success.

Terry was killed by his teen daughter's boy friend who was high on meth at the time, while trying to break up an argument between them. This happened on All Saint's Day, the day after Halloween, in 2004. There may or may not be be some slight foreboding in the song where a yelling man is asking a younger one where he's going in his life, with a mention of his daughter.

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