Garage Rock Acid Blues from The Wrongh Black Bag, singing I Don't Know Why! Powerful Female Singer!

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Here's a very obscure band from Cheshire, Connecticut playing some funky acid rock blues! From 1968, this song features a screaming acid rock guitar sound, overdriven and tasty. The singer is female and she is strong and powerful. Check out the notes she hits and how long she sustains them.

The song, I Don't Know Why, is 2 minutes and 21 seconds of pounding drums and screaming guitar. Let's see what is happening in the lyrics, which don't start until 34 seconds in...

I don't know why, you're so mean to me! I don't know why you're so mean to me. Why I got nothing but trouble, pain and misery!

I saw the night, clouds was on my head. I saw the night baby, black was on my head. I had to think back now, midnight would be said.

More screaming guitar in the long break

I don't know why! I don't know why you're so mean to me. Why I got nothing but trouble, pain and misery!

Do you remember baby, when you were only mine? I said think back now, your love was mine. You know a woman's gotta have it now, just a matter of time!

Check out The Wrongh Black Bag, kicking out the jams on this acid blues rocker with female singer, singing I Don't Know Why! Get up and dance with your @actifit app on your phone. This Will Move You!!!

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I love the garage organ riff here, but guitar is quite heavy and definitely leans to hard rock, which was in its infancy around that time.


Yeah I thought this one was pretty heavy! I have been listening to this kind of music for years but I still find new stuff on YouTube all the time. Gotta love the internet!


Internet kinda threw this stuff at us and you can't see the end. Without it it'd take you shitloads of time & money in order to track it on 7".

Cool, Retro, undiscovered blast from the past...