Best of Busy-B Records, 60s Garage Rock Compilation

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This is yet another compilation of 60s Garage Rock. We have a digital only creation by Archille Brunet YouTube channel of bands from the New Orleans area. Here are some of my favorites from this set.

The Gaunga Dyns - Rebecca Rodife
We start with a Garage Pop tune that sounds a bit like something The Monkees might do.

The Plastic Blues Band - Gone
This is a fuzz guitar screamer with strong vocals. Nice fast pace, dance to it!

The Leather Pages - Accept Me For What I Am
Guitar and organ number with a psyche influence.

The Gaunga Dyns - No One Cares
This is a song that I have known for years. It's fast in parts and Baroque in others. I like how the guitar and bass battle each other. The drum eases off for a few segments and then comes back at its frantic pace. Kind of cool!

The New Breed - Paint My Windows Gray
I think these guys are from California, not New Orleans. This one is influenced by Paint It Black by The Rolling Stones.

The Gaunga Dyns - Stick With Her
Nice guitar and organ mid paced Garage Rocker with a rave up at the end and a nice short guitar break in the middle.

The Gaunga Dyns - Clouds Don't Shine
A slow moody piece featuring a rather annoying guitar break, super distorted! And what's with that ending?

Last, we have 4 Live tracks from The Gunga Dyns. The first isn't very good. The second is a Live version of Rebecca Rodife which is okay. Next is a pretty nice cover of the massive Garage Rock Psychedelic classic hit by the 13th Floor Elevators called You're Gonna Miss Me! The last Live track is a cover of Fortune Teller done by many 60s bands including the Stones. It has a nice guitar break but the vocals are a little too far back in the mix maybe.

Check out the Gunga Dyns if they play by you, I would!

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