60's Forgotten Things Vol. 11 - Garage Rock Compilation

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This album is a digital only collection of mostly unknown Garage Rock songs from the 60s put together by the Achille Brunet YouTube channel. There are great notes about each song/band in the description. I've only heard a few of these songs in the past so it was cool to hear new Garage Rock even after listening to it for all these many years.

Here are the tracks that I found notable.

The Chessmen – There’s No Blood In Bone
This song is the original version of a track from the famous Which Way You Going Billy album by The Poppy Family from Canada. As it turns out, Terry Jacks was in The Chessmen and also in Poppy Family.

The Townsmen – Back Yards
There's some sort of sine wave oscillator going on in here, which is got to be a very early kind of synthesizer used in pop music.

The Weeds – Ten More Shopping Days (Till The Bomb)
People were concerned about the end of the world from nuclear war in the 60s. This song has some of that in the lyrics and the guitar riff is similar to the one on Deep Purple's megahit Smoke On The Water.

The Castiles – Baby I
This band is from New Jersey and features some jangly guitar partly inspired by Gloria by Them. It also has a decent little guitar break. As it turns out, this guitar playing is provided by none other than megastar Bruce Springsteen!

The Knaves – Your Stuff
Kind of punk vocals with a nice guitar riff under it.

Randy And The Rainbows – Sick Sick World
Oh Denise ooo be dooo, I'm in love with you Denise ooo be dooo! Yeah, same band. You can hear a little of the backing vocals they used to great affect in Denise, but the rest of the song is forgettable.

The Hallmarks – Girl You’ve Got A Lot To Learn
Lots and lots of reverb in the vocals, probably too much. The guitar is playing 4 chords similar to Steppin Stone or similar. There is fuzz guitar in parts. Its an interesting song but it doesn't hang together.

The Topsy Turbys – Snake Woman
A faster guitar and organ tune with a pretty groovy guitar break. 3 chords music with lyrics about a bad woman.

The Vandals – The Joker
This has that 60s Brit pop sound with guitar and organ. They call him the joker 'cause his game is love! Nice little guitar break. This band is from Hollywood Florida where I once lived for some months. It is between Miami and Ft. Lauderdale and has a nice beach with a bandstand that often hosts concerts.

Enjoy this collection. If you like this kind of music, check out my other posts and follow for more. Rock on!

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