SONG PREMIERE: #ihateyou by Full Taqiyya (Lyric Video)

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With this new entertaining and simultaneously heavy tune, Full Taqiyya brings up the BIG GUNS against online censorship and de-platforming.

Lyrics including speeches

[Mark Zuckerberg: But it’s clear now that we didn’t do enough to prevent these tools from being used for harm as well. And that goes for fake news, foreign interference in elections and hate speech…

Jack Dorsey: A default to free expression left unchecked can generate risks and dangers for people…

Laura Loomer: Mr Trump help us, please help us Mr President…

Rep. Jim Jordan (To Sundar Pichai): Did you push to get out the key vote in… California and Texas?

Mark Zuckerberg: It’s not enough to just connect people. You have to make sure that those connections are positive.]

Networks of love and hate
Never ending stalemate
They sense a verbal threat
The reverends of the net

Weapons of mass appeal
No matter what is real
They bring the stone cold sweat
The reverends of the net

[Jack Dorsey: We’ve all had experiences where we felt we’ve been in a conversation… that felt a little bit more toxic and we wanted to walk away from it…]

Oh, yeah!

Swords of justice
Scary and bloodless
Spark indignation
Out of frustration
Swords of justice
The ultimate roughness
Go teach the nation

Hashtag I hate you so much
Bunch of self-proclaimed judges
Keepers of self-imposed norms
Harbingers of shitstorms
Hashtag I hate you so much
Shits with no human touch, you
Fuel anger and resentment
Long live the First Amendment

Power to mobilize
Slander is the new wise
No mercy no regret
The reverends of the net

Virtual acts of war
Spreading like a tumor
The pronounce all men dead
The reverends of the net

[Sen. John Thune: The line between legitimate political discourse and hate speech can sometimes be hard to identify…]

Ha ha ha ha

Brutal candor
Graveyards of slander
No repentance
The maximum sentence
Blurring of vision
Deadly collision

Hashtag I hate you so much…
Shits with no human touch…
Bringers of silent death…
Devoid of mental health…

[Rep. Fred Upton: So do you believe that Twitter’s rules are clear on what’s allowed and what’s not allowed on the platform?]

released January 2, 2019
Music & lyrics by Full Taqiyya

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