Wild Mercury - Orange County is a retrospective of a love lost or quickly on its way

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Upon your first encounter with Wild Mercury, a Montreal-based, all-female trio, you’ll be drawn into their den of vintage drum and guitar tones, sarcastic lyricism and faulty guitar cables and stompboxes. Make no mistake about it, you’re in their world now; a real living and breathing rock and roll band. Their music retains that too-often-lost, humanistic quality, it’s devoid of over-production and probably click tracks. These artists make their craft by hand.

The second thing you’ll notice is addictive vocal harmonies between the 3 members that comes from completely different directions stylistically and produces a sound that we can’t get enough of. The aforementioned will undoubtedly be their mark on the industry. Wild Mercury released single, Orange County and accompanying video on the 6th of July and added another keeper to their growing project.

Listen to Wild Mercury - Orange County via YouTube below, or Spotify

Orange County is a tempo-changing, hurried vocal delivery, folk-rocker that belongs anywhere between Nancy Sinatra and Courtney Love. Noteworthy, dry bass tones and vintage guitar/drum stylings, transport you right into that empty chair in the corner of their practice space for the best-seat-in-the-house experience. Orange County is a retrospective of a love lost or quickly on its way. It’s the push-pull of an emotional tug of war. It’s real life, just like the instrumentation and delivery.

The video is a collage of vintage vacation, home movie-type footage. Its colors, courtesy of period film are desaturated and muted while post-war bliss and prosperity are being enjoyed by all. It’s like a car accident, you can’t look away.

If you have time, which you totally do, stop over and check out the song, Dealer and accompanying video. Also, a lesson in realism, it features the girls in their lair, doing what they do best and it’s a treat, songwriting and visually speaking. Also, if you’re missing your egg cartons from your fridge, these girls got ‘em!

Wild Mercury is a group that has 3 distinct members, with 3 distinct looks, personalities and contributions. Within lies my interest and also my exciting new find-of-the-week. Maybe for fans of The Breeders, Rilo Kiley, Feist? Either way, Wild Mercury is a welcomed addition to my collection.

Wild Mercury
Credits : Valérie Paquette

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