Indie/Folk/Pop Playlist - March 2020 [1 hour compilation]

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The best NEW Indie, Folk and Pop in the new March 2020 indie playlist.

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The best new Indie, Folk and Pop on this March 2020 compilation on YouTube

Tracklist Indie Folk Pop March 2020 playlist

1 robin cause - Nothing To Hold On To

2 Matt Holubowski - Two Paper Moons

3 Oakley Crosswell - Back in Late July

4 Firewoodisland - Sprinter

5 Kate Vogel - The Cycle

6 Ben Kunder - Berlin

7 Jenny Kern - Now We Know

8 Jodie Nicholson - I Must Be Dreaming

9 Treeskin - When They Come

10 Oskar Stromberg - Ghosts

11 Dream People - Dreams to Dust

12 Sketchy Lines - Sugar Pine

13 Linelions - We Are Safer

14 Michael Brinkworth - Force of Nature

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