Emerald Sunday - What Becomes of You is a perfect slice of radio-friendly commercial rock.

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Sometimes you hear a band for the first time and it triggers that thought ‘I’m going to hear a lot more from these guys.’ Dundee-based Emerald Sunday are one of those bands. They’re already getting some airtime from Planet Rock Radio and have some impressive support slots on their CV. It’s easy to see why once you click play on their new single ‘What Becomes of You.’

Listen to Emerald Sunday - What Becomes of You via YouTube below, or via Spotify

Guitarist, Alan Hunter, has said of the track that he was doing some session work and a melody popped into his head. 15 minutes later, the song was complete. It’s no mystery then that this is one of those commercial rock songs that just flows. From the initial catchy acoustic riff, which the song keeps coming back to, to the instantly memorable chorus line, which is so immediate that you find yourself singing along on the first listen, everything about the song has a natural, unforced feel to it.

There’s a pleasing balance to the song. Nothing feels showy or over the top, which leads to a sound that blends together with nothing dominating. The guitars, keyboard, drums and bass provide a full but subtle bed for the vocals to sit on, leaving the listener able to enjoy the song on the first listen but then to find new things to pick up on subsequent plays. Lead guitar dips in and out of the song, finding that perfect balance of filling the gaps and adding to the feel of the song but not taking over. This feels like a band who are a collective rather than individuals fighting for the limelight and their sound really benefits from that.

Emerald Sunday

Emerald Sunday make no bones about being a revival of classic rock and roll and for me personally, they sit nicely alongside bands like Matchbox 20 in my music library – good company if you can get it!

As a whole, the song feels reflective – looking back on happier, more carefree times, when life was less complicated. However, Emerald Sunday shouldn’t spend too much time reflecting on good times past as, on this evidence, their best times lie up ahead for them. Remember the name – I suspect you’ll hear it again!

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