Fresh Eire - The Bankers Are a Cancer (Original Song)

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Fresh Eire is a hiphop group made up of @scribblingwilly and myself (St. Devil). This is a track we made about a year ago but never released. It's basically a song about how the bankers have destroyed the world and how a large amount of taxpayers money goes to the bankers to pay for bailouts, something which has effected Ireland among many other countries terribly.

Here's the lyrics from the chorus as they might be hard to make out with the rough recording:

The bankers are nothing but a cancer,
spreading through the nation like a wave of ants sir,
Whats the answer, it isn't getting plastered, think faster,
Dont listen to your broadcaster, you mad sir??

Thanks for your time in checking this out.
Heres the song:


Dope rhymes!! These guys need a studio!