Untitled 3rd album in the works - follow my work on twitch

in #music5 years ago

The third album is now being worked on. It doesn't have a title, it doesn't have a direction. Yet.

What is different though is the usage of send tracks and how I produce sound. I have went and upgraded some of my sample-based instruments for this record. I am happy how School Massacre, the recently released second album, turned out. But for the third one I am going all out as far as production goes.

Most of my VSTi synths will still be freeware. My drum sounds come solely from XLN Audio's Addictive Drums 2 - now utilizing the United Heavy drum pack, for those heavy, heavy natural kick sounds. VST-wise, an introduction from Melda Production's freeware plugins, which are great. All this while still learning a faster way to write tunes in Renoise 3.1 - post-processing and mastering handled by Cockos Reaper 5

I am streaming most of my writing process on

- if you're a twitch user, go ahead and follow me as these occasions will be irregular.


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