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This is one of my favorite bands out of New York The Drums and this is there song "Days" off there album "Portamento". This is another really cool song and video i wanted to share. I have posted it once before a while back but its worth posting again. I hope you like the song and video thanks for checking it out.


I can't look at steemit lately. I miss your songs :)

Good to have you back.

Very lively and very rhythmic song. I love it. Thank you.

Yes thats one of my favorite songs glad you liked it.

Master, I haven't been to your blog. I missed too much. But I'm gonna check it all out. Thank you. By the way, the rhythm of the song is great.

Good to have you back i got alot of new video's and songs posted. Thanks for checking out this one.

I love that band but sorta forgot about them. Thanks for the reminder. They was the last album of theirs I’ve heard. Do you like the more recent ones as much?

I don't really like the new album to much but i did like the Abysmal Thoughts album. I'm more into there older stuff it was the best i think. And they've changed band members a few times. Thank you for your comment.

Sadly, that happens with a lot of bands for me. They start off great and then they change and I don’t like it as much. Sometimes it works the other way too, though. I suppose it just depends!

Great song. It's all there: movement, rhythm, live
The songs you choose are very high quality :)

Thanks i try to only choose the best songs and video's with the best sound quality to post.

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