Grind Mode Cypher Vol.1 Brooklyn

in #music4 years ago (edited)

Underground HipHop and people in non mainstream music in general are one of the groups/communities I've always thought would be able to create lots of opportunities for themselves with BTC and cryptos, They create work and "keep their hustle up" which in turn creates work for others in their communities, as well as traveling and doing the same in other communities.

Grind Mode is trying to create a platform for the unheard... Giving talent from different areas opportunities to shine. Some of the lyrics have been epic, So if you like good HipHop make sure you follow these guys on YT and FB. I'm working on getting them on steemit ;)

To anyone who has been in cryptos for very long we know communities of people working together create the best potential for growth and success.

I'm also working on getting StompDownKillers involved in BTC/crypto (these guys really know how to hustle)

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