song of mine

in #music4 years ago

i made some's one of them

this song is a critic for government who are cheating with their rank,they enrich them self by corrupting citizen's taxes..the condition of my region's government..very corrupted 


Good job!
I signed up, follow each other ^^

Tre plaĉas al mi via kanto. Muziko ne konas limojn ! Dankon pro dividi, kaj bonan tagon al vi el Britio.

i need to use translator tool for ur sentence sir..thx for the compliment and greeting too frm me in banda aceh

Temas pri la efektiva internacia lingvo Esperanto. Eĉ en Aceh kelkaj homoj parolas ĝin. Bonan tagon.

i now understand ur using using transtool lol

and what is the meaning sir??would you speak in english plz cant undrstand ur language :)

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