Work Away

in #music4 years ago (edited)

Just releasing An unedited live recording from a video shoot with Sue-Ellen Stroum, including some sweet hearted workers who interrupted our take, I sung last verse on a second take with an idea to paste them together; on hearing, I now think it works as one take, so as to feature such a pleasant interruption. so here's both takes of Work Away. If someone is resonating and wants to download and paste last verse onto first take, using one of the many sound apps available, that's alright by me.

It's a first post on Bitchute. A promising notion; although I am still waiting to see a social media platform that is courageous enough to omit the highly manipulatable consensus projecting 'numeric paradigm', that has the capacity to propagate obscurity or popularity of intellectual materials in accordance to the highest bidding, or most intimidating social engineers...saying that, I am sure it's gonna be less vulnerable to corruption than the monopolized, establishment owned gooey one that so many are now fleeing from. Thanks to alternate platforms we now at least have another way to post stuff, that could be, supposedly without censorship, ideological or corporate favoritism, and sans technocratic surveillance. Wow wouldn't that be awesome...Gratitude,f