Music: Tan Weiwei/谭维维 gives us a little colour.

in music •  5 months ago

Crafted mandopop with a folk twist.

The video is a selection of live performances from Tan Weiwei, a singer from China. I'll talk about a few songs below.

The first track "Give you a little colour" / 《给你一点颜色》 endearingly blends rock with street theatre music in a way guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. Ms. Tan's ability to belt out the rock lyrics is amazing.

This is my favourite version of the song. Apparently, there was a plagiarism controversy with the lyrics - they are too similar to a poem. However, I don't like updated versions of the song as much. Maybe it's because my limited Mandarin can follow along most of these words.

I love the playful blending of musical styles in an extremely crowd-pleasing form. The key thing for folk and pop music is that it must be easily enjoyed. I think "Give you a little colour" fits the bill while still exciting those looking for something extra.

If you want to hear some Mandopop, then you can listen to the rest of the selection, but I'd like to point out a few select songs.

"Ulaanbaatar Nights" /《乌兰巴托的夜》features backing by the Mongolian folk group Hanggai. The lyrics start the evocative scene with "You went so many years ago. You are still with me." The song begins gently and gradually the memories swirl into a stormy intensity. This is carefully crafted as her pop voice slips into traditional vocal sounds as her feelings take over. The song ends with her questioning everything about the world before crescendo-ing into a Tibetan wail and then coming full circle with an emotionally cracking voice accompanied by the wind and chimes. This song seems to attract the onion ninjas and they attack in full force during her full tibetan wailing.

Hanggai's role in this song is also perfect; backing vocals, throat singing, instruments and a quiet solo just before the bridge. I'll do a post on Hanggai later.

Bouns fact: As a youngster, Ms. Tan was not doing so well in her music studies until she was discovered and trained in Tibetan singing. You can hear how she moves effortless between pop, rock and traditional music in this selection.

《开门见山》"Make a point" (literally. open door see mountain) showcases Ms. Tan's rock voice. It sounds like she might have a sore throat but still manages to belt out the song especially during the build up at the end. This is during a song contest and you see the other contestants react as she hits her big note. I'll just link to this video because I don't super love this song but it does demonstrate her capabilities.

An honourable mention goes to her very conceptual rendition of "Blue Lotus" /《蓝莲花》 made perfect with modern rock, space-age synths, some traditional voicing and chant-like lyrics in the middle. This is a confident performance that hides a lot of talent. It sounds like a cyber age song of worship. While I like Ms. Tan's version, my favourite cover of Blue Lotus will have to wait for another post.

After "Blue Lotus", let the last track play. The production in this last song is perfect with traditional instruments accompanying an aggressive and choppy metal bassline. You'll be well rewarded with oodles of musical detail if you turn the volume up just a bit.

You can easily listen to this Top.10 from start to finish. But I don't recommend this compilation as a soundtrack to your work because some of the songs just demand your attention to hear them in their full layered beauty.

Let me know what you think in the comments. Also, I'd love to hear your recommendations for music I should listen to. Thanks and see you next time.

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Here is another upload of "Ulaan Baataar Nights".

Skip ahead to 2:40 to hear the start of the song.
At the start of this video she talks about her father to whom she dedicates the song. You can see her lose it during rehearsals at 1:30. That helps understand the emotion in the crowd and why she almost loses it on the last line of the song.


Upvoted since this is an edit.

don't know anything about C-pop at all. It's interesting to hear, thanks

are You Chinese ? I like to listen to Chinese songs. I think you should listen to all the songs of singer Dong Zhen or movie soundtrack @eturnerx


爱殇- 董贞
film 花千骨

: 画皮- Painted Skin film
I am 19 years old but I have been listening to Chinese music for 10 years, I have collected more than 100 best Chinese songs and Chinese soundtrack.If you feel this good song, please ask me more songs. However, you should watch the movie, you will understand the content of the song. I like ancient Chinese swordplay songs, the current songs do not make sense


你好越南的小妹妹。我不是华人。我是新西兰本地人。谢谢你写给我听到这首歌。画皮非常好看。你看了画皮第二吗?我很喜欢这个genre的电影。也有别的华电影收歌我想揭晓一下,但是有一点感觉我的读者会无聊。Xin từ biệt


I do not know Chinese much. However, I have read your Chinese. I like to listen to Chinese and American music. I know all the famous songs of those lines. ^^
I think you can post the songs you like.
Why do you know I'm Vietnamese?


You told me you were Vietnamese in an earlier conversation, or it was in one of your earlier posts.

are you trying to withdraw steem power at this point? are you going to keep the steem or do something else?


I'm not powering down my SP. It might be winter time in steem land but I'm still confident enough in steem for the long-term.
IRL stuff means I'm not on steem much for now. Keep doing the lord's work.


yeah i really hope crypto comes back

I like the nights of Ulaanbaatar and reminds me of music of Mongolia.


Ulaanbaatar is the capital city of Mongolia and Hanggai are a Mongolian folk rock group. The twist is that Ms. Tan's traditional singing style is Tibetan. The difference is in the sounds of the herd animals: Mongolian sound more like horses and Tibetan more like goat/sheep.
I will profile Hanggai in a later post. If you like more traditional Mongolian folk music then try searching for "Huun Huur Tu".


Cool. I did well to follow your post @eturnerx. I will check out "Huun Huur Tu". I like the comparison. That would make sense. You are what you eat.

Wow she has a beautiful voice dangggg.

So soothing!

<3 The music its beautifoul in any part of the world, the chines culture is very beautiful and unique. <3

Hello friend, you can always find very good songs, I can not understand the lyrics of these songs that you bring us, but I will give you my opinion guiding the rhythms of the girl's voice and the sound of her band. Wow! The girl is just great, with very varied rhythms, some very fast and active, while others slower, able to bristle your skin and if you neglect, you can make those beautiful slow rhythms cry. Also on a couple of occasions I sing a duet, very good duos. Excellent video from beginning to end, thanks for bringing such great music and sharing it. Greetings and a strong psychological hug from here.

I came for mandolins and got Mandarins. I'm not sure I was fully prepared for that. :D

I love when you do music posts though. Always educational and quality entertainment.

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well certainly a different voice for sure, really good found it to be good education in culture

OMG, that song in the first video was so dope!!!!!!

I do not know what she is saying but mehn her voice is so strong!!!!

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