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Cool choice the jazzy beats so cool ;)

Hey kevin!
Are you from japan??

I just learnt so much about Japanese culture and Japanese Working methodologies as a part of my Job training(Suzuki). We had one complete day session on japanese culture. I'm planning to make an article about my learning.


No i can't even speak japanese haha, but yeah i'm familiar with their culture

Yo!!! This is awesome. Never heard of Taeko Ohnuki, I'll definitely have to look more into her stuff. The wind instruments are so cool

Taeko Ohnuki such a great classical singer when I know from you. After listen sound track I find full album from you-tube. I love it much.

Cool to hear some Japanese Jazz; Never really searched for it. I think some of our Dutch classic and maybe even Jazz musicians are doing well in Japan. Only heard some Techno while in Tokyo 15 years or so ago, club Womb, and some other club I dont remember the name of in Osaka. But yeh, there is more than that type of music :)


Oh Womb is awesome i think. They're into techno, happy hardcore etc. I'm actually surprised Ultra Music Japan is a thing. Didn't think they were much into EDM, but I guess it's more of a tourist attraction maybe. Or I don't know much about the growing culture there


I was at Womb on a Techno night; For sure. Happy Hardcore is a no go for me :) Those Japanese can party like crazy! Had a great time there. EDM: Well, it's a big thing everywhere, I suppose because it is the most accessible dance music for the mass. Even in the USA EDM is big, while that country never was into electronic dance music. But interestingly, Techno is becoming bigger than EDM, slowly but surely. For some reason the mass suddenly likes credible techno; More and more promoters are asking the artist they book to play something they used to do, before they (well many) started to play what the mass wanted to hear years ago, more accessible music I mean. Really strange how this is changing. Good thing is that those artists who can really create and play great music, now getting better spots on festivals :)

Japanese musics like classical side more. I never heard Ohnuki's name. Probably heard or not already.

I feel Dizzying don't remember rally

Japanese and Chinese cultures seem a like to all the people around the globe. This song seems brilliant in terms of nodes, composition, melody and all other sounds that make a sound more perfect. Great choice :)