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This song cover dedicated to @surfyogi CEO of wafrica and the entire wafrica community. I have seen that you are a lover of good music. Its so unfortunate i couldn't get a chance to do you a birthday piece but i am so certain on your next birthday you are going to get a song from me either live recording of me singing on your birthday lol or a video recording of me singing songs of merry on your birthday.

This song means alot to me because it conveys alot of deep meanings. It talked about of alot things that you could actually get it all twisted . From dance, streets, drinks and love all in one song and as the song transgresses to a dance pop.

So doing my thing as usual which involves singing my lungs out. Over here did the song with my very good friend Tony who is always ready to play for me and reach with me to the stars. I do hope you love and enjoy this piece and of course leave a comment!
#One love!!


Talents like this are rare and the guitarist did an excellent job. I hope @Surfyogi would like it.

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Yeah right? I hope so too..

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Thanks so much!
I really enjoyed it, very soulful.

Awwwww @surfyogi am glad that you saw the video and am glad you did enjoy it.. Btw i know its Pretty amateur but can get better haha.

Everybody starts 'where they are at'!
Watch your intonation, intervals and tuning on the guitar and just nail them with more precision, it will sound more professional.

#smiles! Hmmm yes you are right! Will work on those you just mentioned on the next video.I am sure there would be much improvement. You would be the judge. Am also working on an official youtube account for my page so i would need some guide from people like you who have been in the game for longer time than i have.

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