The Lobby

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The Lobby:

The Lobby is the final track off Eric Dubay and Seth Davis' upcoming Spirit Level album:

Lyrics: I see 'em in the government, I see 'em on TV, corruption on display for the whole world to see, they're spendin' billions every year up on Capitol Hill, and silence opposition with more draconian bills, fillin' the airways with a fraudulent narrative, to pacify the sheeple livin' blissfully unaware of it, follow the money trail to find the real Illuminati, I don't even need names dude you know the fuckin' lobby.

There's foreign power that controls our politicians, spendin' billions every year to secure their minions, the news has done it's best to stop this discussion, there's political meddling and it's not some fuckin' Russians, fussin' whenever dual loyalty is mentioned, there's only one narrative you get arrested if you question, anyone that rocks the boat is called a nazi and threatened, even politicians aren't fully safe from their weapons, used by this lobby to control public perception, until you're too afraid to speak as was the intention, a culture of fools so obsessed with the famous, I'm smokin' on a joint wonderin' 'how can I change it?', the baseless accusations lead to criminal charges, because you were singled out by the lobby as a target, but I love the truth so much I won't be bullied into silence, and still criticism does not equal fuckin' violence!

You can question everything but what they won't let you question, don't ever say that Israel is controllin' our elections, don't ever say that AIPAC has our politicians in pocket, don't ever say Israel bombings trump Hamas rockets, don't bring up the very people that coordinate the crisis, and the very people that literally created ISIS, don't talk about the christian zionism they're sellin', or 5 dancin' Israelis arrested on 9/11, see thoughts like that will have motherfuckers hate you, berate you but still be unwilling to debate you, I'm sure it's just coincidence that they never thought about it, crony capitalism fueled by mass nepotism doubtless, some say '-but the Saudis, but the Russians and the Chinese!!", there are no laws criminalizing criticism of these countries as some sort of hate crime, just one in particular the king of the slime.

If you were expelled from 109 schools,
don't you think that I would be a fool,
if I assumed that as you presume,
it's just because they all hate you,
nothing to do with breaking the rules,
not because of something you did or didn't do,
not because your actions were proven to be cruel,
109 principals just had it in for you!
Those schools were all supremacist and run by anti-semitists,
no room for your polemics or your parasitic politics,
your pedophilic practices have turned them into activists,
and now you need The Lobby just to justify your innocence,
but what is this? A book by Dr. Vladimir Ivanovich
Notes on Ritual Murders, can you guess on what the premise is?
A history of witnesses and hundreds of convictions
show your victim-hood rhetoric is just a work of fiction

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