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RE: Mandolu’s Music Practice Tips Post no. 3 Developing Music Listening Skills

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Sure thanks for the tip I sure will do an opt in post after I have read up on how this works. I pretty much always power up my earnings and I have bought steem a few times to get my account to where I can actually make a difference for others when I vote. Thanks again🙏

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awesome - I look forward to your opt in post so :-)

So can you give me an idea of what exactly the opt in post should contain. I have now read all the linked posts you included in your comment. And all the comments also visited some of the blogs on the list of those #steemers that have since reached minnow status .
So have I been invited to be part of the next group? Sorry for all the questions just want to make sure I’m on track here.

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yes you have been invited. But there are criteria. You must want to become a minnow and hold minnow status. A minnow owns 500+ steem power. the opt in post should state that you want to become and hold minnow status and that you have been invite to #tenkminnows by me. It can be just a paragraph in a normal post that you do. Then all you have to do is post once a day with the tag #tenkminnows and we will do our best to pump these posts with votes till you reach minnow. We will also have some other tasks for you to earn extra rewards

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