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I love this song so much and for me, its a perfect way to begin everyday . Knowing that everyday brings joy is more reason for you to keep on living and helping others.
I'm not really good at playing the keyboard though, but just enjoy.

Original Lyrics

Oju mo ti mo
Oju mo ti mo mi
Ni le yi o, o
Oju mo ti mo, mo ri re o
Eye adaba, eye adaba
Eye adaba ti n fo lo ke lo ke
Wa ba le mi o, o
Oju mo ti mo mo ri re o

Translation in English

it's a new day
I've seen a new day
In this land
it's a new day, I have seen joy
Dove, dove
the dove which flies up in the sky
come and descend upon me
it's a new day, I have seen joy

I hope you are touched.

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